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Processing the Electronic Registration Form

Encouraging parents to use the electronic registration form saves you lots of data entry time. Using this method, all the data is entered for you and all you need to do is assign the barcode number. A common source of confusion if you are looking at the registration form below, is "why does it already have a barcode number"?

The barcode on the registration form is the "registration" id and allows you to quick locate the students record using the scanner rather than typing in the user name or number.

It will make more sense further down.

This is an example registratin form you might receive.

Step 1

Login to the main site.

Next, click on "User" in the black navigation bar and select "Search" from the drop down.

Step 2

Scan the registration barcode number or type it into the search field.

We added the barcode to the registration form to speed things up, so use the scanner whenever possible it will save you time in the next step.

Step 3

Now you have the students record open.

If you are at a school with children under 13 a signed paper form is required. Check the "Paper registration form recived" check box.

Optional, if you are accepting this form on a scan day you can check the "Scan on Save" check box to give them credit for today active transportation.

Now you can scan in or type the barcode number that is to be assigned to this account. If you scan the barcode number it will automatically submit the form, if you type in the barcode number you will need to click the blue "Update" button.

Step 4

Success! If you see the green alert at the top of the page you're ready to input another student.