• 3,711 Miles Logged

  • 1.97 tons of CO2 Averted

  • 148,446 Calories Burned

  • 2516 Car Trips Removed

Look at how great our kids are doing. They are getting exercise, helping ton reduce traffic congestion around the school and conserving natural resources!

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About Boltage

The Walk, Bike and Scooter to School program at Bill Roberts has been in operation for almost 5 years! All students are welcome to participate, they just need to walk, bike, scoot or skate to school. They will receive a free, Bill Roberts Bobcat RFID ZapTag that gets scanned each school day. Students earn prizes based on the number of times they walk, bike, scoot, skate to school. Prizes are given out once a month In addition, parents can register their student’s tag for free, on this page, to receive notification by text, e-mail or voice mail when the student has arrived on campus! Enhanced features when you register your tag include being able to track miles, calories burned, CO2 spared, gas saved and more! Everyone can use this page to follow their school’s efforts to promote student health and reduce their carbon footprint through active transportation. GOOD FOR STUDENT PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH, GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT.

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Register & Earn Prizes

Register your child online using the link. LAST YEAR'S BOLTAGE TAGS STILL WORK, just be sure to enter it in the "barcode" box and update your child's teacher so they can receive prizes. Use the ZapTag number located on the back of the tag. Children will receive prizes once a month based on their total trips to school. The reflective prizes are designed for safety - they are just like reflectors on a bike but the child can wear these items. 15 trips = Sports backpack, 30 trips = reflective zipper pull, 60 trips = reflective slapband, 90 trips = orange wristband, 130 trips = red, white, and blue wristband, 140 trips = Boltage yoyo.

Kid-Powered Transportation Works!

“Current researchers have found that children who were more physically fit had higher grades in math and language classes, as well as higher overall GPAs, compared with children who were less physically active… Other results showed that kids who were more aerobically fit had better language skills than kids who weren’t as fit. How do you do that? Make exercise fun and support physical education at school.” Go Boltage - Help your kids walk, scoot, bike, or skate to school.