Mini Sites

Need a web site for your program? Now it's included!
The new mini-site gives you a custom URL and allows you to easily control the sites content.

Check out this example:

If you clicked on the example link above you'll see the up to-date scrolling summary of total miles, CO2, calories and car trips removed.

Also included with the mini-site is electronic registration capture. Whenever possible encourage parents to signup on the site, this will save you lots of data entry time.

Electronic registration

Electronic registration is a two step process.

  1. Parent fills out the online form.

  2. Print , sign and return.

You'll notice that we added a "Registration" barcode to this paper form. This is only a registration ID that helps you quickly locate that students account by scanning that registration barcode id. We also email or text a special URL to the parents, so the forms can be reprinted if necessary.

If your students are over 13 years old this can be one step, self registration process that would not require a signed paper form.

Site Content

The site content is controlled by the program administrator through the general settings/ portal tab.

At the top you will notice the program start and stop dates. This date range is used to pull the statistics data displayed on the mini-site. This is handy if you want to offer a number of different challenges throughout the year.

The "Last Registration Day" enables you to automatically turn off electronic registration or hide the registration button if electronic registration is not being offered.


The email address under the general settings page is used as the contact for the Mini Site.
We also add this contact email address to each email notification sent.

Example of email notification with contact info:

Thanks for taking the green way to school!
TimS scanned in on Monday May 7th
Total Miles: 235
Total Co2: 209.71 pounds
Total Calories: 9,400

Questions? Email